3D Model. A spatial representation of an object and/or scene that is not photo-realistically relightable. Aka: “3D Scan,” “Digital Twin,” “Hologram”, “3D Image.”

3D+ Model. A spatial representation of an object and/or scene that is photo-realistically relightable. Aka: “5D.”

Scene. A region in real or virtual space that contains matter and transports light.

Plenoptic. Describes light traveling omni-directionally through positions in space. It takes five dimensions (5D) to describe something plenoptically.

Reconstruction. Means the creation of a spatial (3D, 4D or 5D) model from one or more images of a real scene. Reconstructed models can represent objects and scenes.

Generalized Scene Reconstruction. Generalized Scene Reconstruction (GSR) is a method of 3D reconstruction from multiple images that creates a scene model representing a generalized light field and a relightable matter field. The light and matter fields are disentangled. – Popular Definition from Wikipedia

Generalized Light Field. A model of light flowing in all directions at all points in a scene.

Relightable Matter Field. A model of matter that represents real light interaction properties distinct from any particular light field.

Scenes of virtually Unlimited Detail. Means a scene model that can be displayed or otherwise processed to virtually unlimited levels of detail.

Metaverse. A network of digital worlds where people and things spatially interact. Aka: “The Spatial Web,” or “Web 3.0.”

Serious. Requiring highly realistic modeling and processing. Examples: “serious metaverse” “serious gaming”