Quidient Reality® Platform

Quidient Reality® is a spatial imaging platform for Generalized Scene Reconstruction. The SDK includes a Scene Processing Engine, a Plenoptic (5D) Database, a sensor management interface, and reference apps. It is designed to deploy across various physical devices including smartphones, digital cameras, wearables, automobiles, UAVs, robots, and appliances (IoT).

Set of photos of a kitchen turning into a 3D or 5D model

Quidient Reality® Engine

The Quidient Reality® Engine performs the calculations necessary to reconstruct the relightable matter field and plenoptic light field from video or images. In addition, the engine includes a scene codec capable of transmitting just-in-time 5D subscenes.

Quidient Reality® Database

A Quidient Reality® Database (.QDB) is a novel 5D file format. It stores the relightable matter field separately from the interacting plenoptic light field. The database enables exceptionally efficient multi-resolution storage. The .QDB easily converts to other common file formats such as .GLTF, .FBX, .OBJ, etc.

3D objects falling into a folder
Phone with Quidient Reality reference app mock up on screen

Reference Applications

Reference Apps provide examples of basic visualization and analytic functions using our API. Development Partners use the API to create their own Custom Apps. Upon request, Quidient develops Pro Modules with customized scene processing. For example, Pro Module functionality may include object recognition, damage assessment, dimensioning, and much more.

Sensor Management

Quidient Reality® is designed to integrate smoothly into mainstream devices and platforms. This means taking input from commonly available cameras like mobile phone, digital, polarimetric, and 360° cameras.

Camera devices including a mobile phone, RGB camera, 360 camera, and polarimetric camera

Software Development Services

Quidient works with Development Partners using agile methods to build applications, engine components, and sensor drivers that function with the Quidient Reality® Platform. All of Quidient’s applications serve to make portaling™ possible. Port it™!